Q&A: 5 Minutes With Juun. J


September 11, 2017 | BY Rosana Lai

The internationally-acclaimed designer shares his inspirations after his debut show in Hong Kong

Photo: Courtesy of HKTDC

You've probably seen his minimalist, architectural designs on the runway in Paris, but this is the first time Korean cult favourite Juun. J brought his show to Hong Kong - and it's no surprise that he was welcomed with much pomp and circumstance. The mens and womenswear designer, known for his gender-fluid pieces (read: skirts for men and oversized suit jackets for women), brought his signature touch to his Spring/Summer 2018 collection as models weaved between LED screens on the runway in inventive shirting and monastic silhouettes.

After the show, we sat down with the soft-spoken designer for five minutes to learn what makes him tick. 

Photo: Courtesy of HKTDC

What never fails to inspire you?

 Unlike other designers who might be inspired by music or art, I’m actually inspired by people. Sometimes I look at the characteristics of an old man or a child and I can find something that inspires me—an old man sometimes has better style than anything a stylist could put together.

Which designer has marked you and influenced your career?

My biggest inspiration is Helmut Lang. In the same way that Helmut Lang revolutionized fashion and influenced so many other designers, I hope to be like him and inspire younger designers as well.

Photo: Courtesy of HKTDC

What has been your proudest moment since launching your own brand?

There’s an old Korean saying, ‘The most important part is the beginning,’ so for me, the most significant moment for me would therefore have to be my first show in Paris.

Do you design differently for men vs. women or for the Asian customer vs. the Western customer?

When I start my designs I don’t think about whether the piece would be specifically for men or women. It’s always the same concept, which is why I show menswear and womenswear together at my shows. In terms of targeted markets, my aesthetic is consistent throughout and I believe it stands on its own, so I don’t create anything different for different countries.

Photo: Courtesy of HKTDC

What’s a dream that you have yet to achieve?

I’ve been focusing on my work for so long and I love what I do, but that’s also why I’m still single. I would love to work on that front in the near future.

Click through below to see our favourite moments from the show:

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