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Fashion 5 Celebrity Stylists on Getting Red Carpet Ready

5 Celebrity Stylists on Getting Red Carpet Ready

5 Celebrity Stylists on Getting Red Carpet Ready
By Gemma Soames
January 26, 2017
The most fashionable power players in showbiz share their tips


First impressions count -- that's why Hollywood's hottest stars hire the best in the business to make sure they look fashion-savvy at all times. These top stylists can make or break the careers of their celebrity clients, and now they share their top tips on being flawlessly red carpet ready with us below.

Elizabeth Stewart 

1. shutterstock_270563147.jpg

Jessica Chastain | Image courtesy of Shutterstock

"A really good tailor is the key to any great look. When it comes to pulling it all together, it’s always a collaboration, and that includes with hair and make-up teams for the whole look."

Sean Kunjambu

2. shutterstock_95324287.jpg

Maggie Cheung | Image courtesy of Shutterstock

"Some of the most common red-carpet fails are bad shoes and bad hair. In the end, looking good all comes down to confidence. Own what you are wearing."

Cristina Ehrlich

3. shutterstock_95182915.jpg

Penelope Cruz | Image courtesy of Shutterstock

"My pet peeve is when an incredible dress is selected and the alterations are not mastered. As most actresses don’t have the body of a runway model, alterations are imperative to achieve the perfect red-carpet look."

Grace Lam

4. angelababy.jpg

Angelababy | Image courtesy of Massimo Procopio/Splash News

"Trying to impress by being too sexy or over the top doesn’t work. If you have an amazing outfit, you don’t need many accessories. Hair and make-up must match the outfit, and it’s not necessary to follow current trends as they might not suit the look. Everyone needs to dress according to their own style."

Amanda Harrington

5. poppy-delevingne-jo-malone-blossom-ball-april-2015.jpg

Poppy Delevingne | Image courtesy of AFP

"The biggest car crashes come when someone overdoes it—foundation fails, tanning disasters, overly done hair, too much lipstick, blusher or bronzer. When it comes to hair and make-up, less is definitely more. It should all be pared back. Let that dress and that person do the talking." 

This article was originally published in the January 2017 issue of Hong Kong Tatler



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