Sartorial Secrets From 6 Stylish Gents


October 27, 2016 | BY Christian Barlow

From everyday office wear to red carpet glamour, always look sharp with these top tips

From socialites to entrepreneurs, we ask six of Hong Kong’s most stylish men to reveal their favourite brands for getting suited and booted

Peter Cheung

Peter Cheung and Jonathan Cheung.jpg

Peter Cheung (left) and Jonathan Cheung

“My go-to brand for jackets and suits is Versace. It’s Italian tailoring at its best and the jackets fit my frame like a glove. Also, they use the most beautiful fabrics. What’s not to love?”

Nick Troedson

Nick Troedson.jpg

Ruth Chao, Nick Troedson and Elena Kan

“I’m always looking out for designers who put a twist on a traditional black-tie look. My favourites at the moment are Tom Ford and Lanvin. I like the different fabrics they use in their bow ties as it gives your look that little bit of texture.”

Brandon Chau

Brandon Chau.jpg

Brandon Chau

“I have a collection of shoes from some of the best gentlemen’s shoemakers around the world. My favourite so far is English shoemaker George Cleverley. I really like their graceful, elongated, chisel-toe shoes.”

Justin Ng

Justin Ng.JPG

Justin Ng and Feiping Chang

I’m in love with Burberry’s slim-fit trousers as they fit me like a glove. I especially love the Travel Tailoring memory fabric as it’s ideal for someone who’s always on the go.”

 Arne Eggers

Arne Eggers.JPG

Arne Eggers

I buy almost all my shirts from PYE. The shirts have the perfect fit, are easy to care for and are durable. I also like the fact that it’s a local brand. When I wear the shirts abroad I often get compliments and it’s nice to be able to say the shirt is from Hong Kong. 

Jonathan Cheung


Jonathan Cheung (left) with Eleanor Lam and Harris Chan

"Before any red-carpet event I visit my barber in Po Hing Fong. He’s known as Uncle Ray. In terms of hair products, I like to use L’Oréal Professional Tecni Art gel, but for a more casual look I use Oribe Crème For Style or Rock Hard Gel. I can’t stand how some hair products smell, but these all smell good and wash away easily.”  

 This article was printed in the October 2016 issue of Hong Kong Tatler