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Fashion Give Your Wardrobe A Second Life On Vestiaire Collective

Give Your Wardrobe A Second Life On Vestiaire Collective

Give Your Wardrobe A Second Life On Vestiaire Collective
By Hong Kong Tatler
November 23, 2018
If securing a vintage handbag makes you purr with delight, or purging your closet every few months is a routine affair, you likely already know about Vestiaire Collective, the ultimate destination for luxury reselling and a shopper’s paradise.

Earlier this month, fashion lovers around the world gasped in surprise and delight at the news of fashion editor and fame street style icon Anna Dello Russo selling a bulk of her personal fashion collection at unheard of prices.

With a personal archive that spanned two apartments, Dello Russo used Vestiaire Collective to facilitate the sale of her jewellery collection, a landmark moment for anyone who would be willing to pay next to nothing for Balenciaga or Chanel jewelry.

Launched in 2009, the online platform is the perfect place for those who want to offload or acquire pre-loved designer goods. Through its straightforward selling process, Vestiaire Collective somehow actually makes it fun and interactive to part ways with your retired items and discover entirely new ones.

Photo: Courtesy of Vestiaire Collective
Photo: Courtesy of Vestiaire Collective

With a community of seven million fashion lovers worldwide, and 30,000 new items submitted by sellers every week, there’s likely someone out there vying for items you’re looking to part with, and even more to browse through for yourself. The platform provides two options for selling items: list it yourself or let Vestiaire Collective’s pros sell it for you through their consignment service.

When you list an item yourself, all you have to do is download the app and include a description of the piece with photos. The curation team will select carefully from the submitted products and accept only timeless and on trend pieces as well as quality vintage treasures.They will also work with the visuals and information you provide to help you to optimise the visibility of your product.

Once your item is sold, you ship it to Vestiaire Collective for free and their quality control team and authentication experts will verify for authenticity before sending it to your buyer. Payment is secured once the item ships out and et voilà! You’ll earn up to 80% back of the purchase price.

Video: Courtesy of Vestiaire Collective

Alternatively, you can enlist the VIP consignment service to get Vestiaire Collective’s experts involved earlier in the process and leave the details to them at 

From earrings, wallets, rare vintage finds to statement jewelry once owned by Anna Dello Russo, the platform’s vast selection of highly curated fashion items make it dangerously easy to start browsing with no end in sight.

If you’re going to part ways with your beloved jewellery or handbags, it may as well be with the go-to platform that professional fashion aficionados love and trust, also knowing that you're making the eco-friendly decision of encouraging circular fashion and sustainability. 

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