Shiseido's Future Solution LX Is A Detox For The Skin


August 14, 2017 | BY Isabel Wong

Treat yourself to a sensorial skincare experience

 Shiseido's latest Future Solution LX collection. (Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido)

Being a city dweller is never easy, especially for professional women who need to find balance between their personal and professional lives. Irregular sleep, poor diets, jetlag and staying up late can lead to dehydrated skin that looks tired and old. But luckily, there's a solution. 

Enmei Herb is known for its health benefits in Japan. (Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido) 4

Shiseido’s new Future Solution LX collection is all about finding balance for the skin by reconnecting with nature. The products contain botanical ingredients that will recharge the skin including an ancient ingredient, the Enmei herb, which serves as an instant energy boost for the skin. The results are glowing, hydrated skin that shows no signs of stress.

Premium Sansho extract defends skin from UV rays, dryness, and oxidation. (Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido)

When it comes to dealing with dehydration, acne and blemishes, Shiseido has found the cure with their duo of the Total Protective Cream and Total Regenerating Cream. The multi-function day cream and intensive night cream both have sansho extract and burnet extract in their formulas, which helps fight signs of fatigue in tired skin.

Shiseido's Future Solution LX collection focuses on reenergising the skin. (Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido)

If you're in need of a full-on pampering experience, Shiseido has also rolled out the Future Solution LX Yutaka treatment that involves a heavenly massage.

Not only does it involve a specially-designed Yutaka Massager for the face, neck, décolleté and upper arm, the treatment also uses a Yutaka Stone on the stomach for further thermal stimulation.

Combined with aromatherapy in the massage cabin that smells like Sakura, Hamanasu and Ume and a soundtrack recorded at Mt. Koya that flows with the rhythm of the massage therapist’s arm movement, it's a totally immersive experience that will lead to total relaxation.

The Shiseido Future Solution LX collection is now available at all Shiseido stores in Hong Kong.