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Beauty Snow Fox Skincare Founder Phoebe Song Shares 3 Ways To Fight Inflammation

Snow Fox Skincare Founder Phoebe Song Shares 3 Ways To Fight Inflammation

Snow Fox Skincare Founder Phoebe Song Shares 3 Ways To Fight Inflammation
Photo: Getty Images
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 17, 2020
Phoebe Song, founder of Snow Fox skincare, presents her top tips on how to combat skin inflammation—and they're all about your diet and lifestyle choices

For decades, Phoebe Song, the founder of Snow Fox skincare—and creator of the cult favourite Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask—suffered from Rosacea Subtype II flare-ups, which included chronic inflammation, hypersensitivity, dry patches, itching, flaking and soreness. It took years of trial and error as well as a series of lifestyle changes to prevent those flare-ups from returning.

“The best system of management is one that helps in all areas of health and wellbeing— diet, lifestyle and skincare,” says Song. Here are her best tips for fighting inflammation.

1/3 Cut out dairy


“I dropped dairy—cow milk—completely,” Song says. “It was recommended by a naturopath, who also suggested I avoid gluten. I tried both and found that gluten had little effect on me, but cutting dairy helped lessen the severity of the redness. Nowadays, I can handle a little bit of Greek yogurt and cheese—I’m married to a Swiss; dairy is their life—but definitely no milk, even in my coffee.”

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2/3 Reduce sugar


“I went on the candida diet for two weeks, after doing a breath test and finding out I had an overgrowth of candida albicans bacteria in the gut,” Song says. “Candida is an interesting bacteria—it actually makes you crave sugar as it needs sugar to survive, so if you have constant sugar cravings, fatigue and get sick easily, you should get yourself tested. We all have natural amounts of candida in our gut—but an overgrowth will sap your immune system, which then leads to other health issues like skin problems.

The candida diet is a strict sugarless, probiotic-based diet and after a few days, the overgrowth will die off. Unfortunately, candida emits toxic gases when it dies and will make you feel terrible for one or two days while your body gets rid of it. I felt the full effects within a week. I was so drained that I couldn’t work for a day and was still feeling bad the next. After the second week, I felt better. After a month, I felt great. I no longer crave sugar as much these days and am a lot healthier in general." 

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3/3 Hydrate, inside and out


“I sheet mask up to twice a day sometimes,” says Song. “I know it sounds excessive, but I sheet mask daily, and twice daily—both morning and night—if I’m in a dry environment. It protects my skin and hydrates far better and quicker than any moisturiser, with immediate results. What I discovered was that by keeping my skin sufficiently hydrated at all times, it was less prone to flare-ups.”

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