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Beauty Tatler Tests: The Dyson Airwrap

Tatler Tests: The Dyson Airwrap

Tatler Tests: The Dyson Airwrap
By Pearl Yan
December 18, 2018
Here’s what Hong Kong Tatler editors think about Dyson’s latest invention

When Dyson launched the revolutionary Supersonic Hair Dryer in 2016, it was the first of its kind—it allows fast drying, has a built-in heat protection, makes less noise and even gives the hair a natural glow.

Two years later, Dyson is making waves (quite literally) again with its latest innovation—the Dyson Airwrap, which claims to curl, wave, smooth, straighten and volumise the hair with one device and multiple attachment tools. But being an all-in-one styler is only one of the reasons that sets the Dyson Airwrap apart from regular hot tools—it also styles and dries at the same time using entirely airflow, which helps protect the hair from extreme heat damage and maintain shine.

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Sounds too good to be true? We tested the Dyson Airwrap on different hair lengths and textures to find out if it’s worth the hype:

Video: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler

Emilie Yabut, Managing Editor

Hair type: Thick and slightly wavy
What she thinks: Two things blew me away with Dyson’s Airwrap. First, you can use all the accessories with wet hair, cutting styling time in half. Second, curling and styling is incredibly easy to do yourself, and you get the results so quickly. I was able to style my hair in less than 10 minutes, from wet to dry, and was able to create salon waves and natural-looking curls.

I’ve tried a lot of hair styling gadgets in the past—curling irons tend to burn my hair (and my ears, when I’m not paying attention) and straighteners leave it excessively dry. The Airwrap does neither. Creating curls does require a bit of a learning curve since you need to unlearn how it’s done with regular tongs. But learning how to work the Airwrap is definitely worth it—and will save you a lot of trips to the salon.

Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler

Michaela Giles, Photo Editor

Hair Type: Short and naturally VERY curly (and frizzy in the HK summer)
What she thinks: I went into the review somewhat skeptical—I don’t do much to my hair as trying to blow dry it at home turns it into a poofy nightmare, and using a straightener takes me at least an hour—so I was absolutely blown away by the Dyson Airwrap. Within 5 minutes my hair was straight, but not in a limp and tired kind of way, and it stayed like that pretty much until the next morning! It’s the perfect tool for someone as lazy as me who does the absolute bare minimum when it comes to hair styling. Suddenly I have options for the days when I get bored of my curly hair—all I have to do is brush it straight. Definitely going on my Christmas wish list.

Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler

Coco Marett, Digital Editor

Hair type: Long, thin hair but a lot of it
What she thinks: I was honestly blown away (no pun intended). My hair can be quite coarse and dry, but the Dyson products gave it this beautiful natural shine that I’ve never been able to achieve with a regular hairdryer or curling iron.

It’s not cheap, but I’d say it’s a solid investment, as you’ll save money on products to protect/repair your hair from traditional hairdryers, straighteners and tongs that can be so damaging. It also works incredibly fast, so you can look your best daily no matter how packed your schedule is.

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Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler

Cherry Lai, Features Writer

Hair type: Long straight hair (waist length), slightly coarse and dry, coloured
What she thinks: It’s amazing, like a magic wand! It would save me so much time in the morning and eliminate all the issues I don’t like about curling irons—how time consuming it is, the damage the overheating does to your hair, and how easily I burn myself. The technology and research they put into this is impressive – just hot enough to dry and curl very efficiently and quickly, but just short of harming the hair.

The barrel does the job for you and harnesses the moving air to suck in and curl the hair, without you having to lift a finger. The result is bouncy, extremely natural looking curls of various sizes (depending on the barrel) with a great healthy shine—all achieved within a couple minutes. Not to mention how sturdy the gadget feels in my hands and how sleek and pretty the design looks. I’m sold.

Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Pearl Yan/Hong Kong Tatler

Emma Nuttall, Events Manager

Hair Type: Long blonde, thick and dry
What she thinks: Wow, it quite literally blew me away as soon as I saw it in action on my colleagues and then when I had a go I was even more impressed. I have long and heavy blonde hair which in the Hong Kong humidity can get quite dry, once I used the Airwrap I had a much healthier shine to my hair.

I rarely style my hair due the length of time it takes to get through it all, but the airwrap was so quick, it would be a life changer in the mornings when I have such little time. I really liked how easy it was to use, as I don’t have much confidence in using similar products due to my lack of technique but the simplicity of the settings, and the fact you don’t have to twist the appliance yourself was really user-friendly.

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