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Fashion Top 4 Ways to Say I Love You on Mother’s Day

Top 4 Ways to Say I Love You on Mother’s Day

Top 4 Ways to Say I Love You on Mother’s Day
By Joanna Lam
April 30, 2016

Forget flowers, the mother-of-two and entrepreneur shares the secrets in making our favourite ladies truly happy on this special day

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It’s that time of the year again, Mother’s Day is upon us and if you haven’t started planning ways to surprise and spoil your first lady next Sunday, you’d better start now.

Gone are the days when we could get away with a simple Carnations bouquet or adding our name to the family card. Instead of ‘I’m thinking of you’, we know she deserves a lot more, something that shouts ‘This is uniquely catered to you and nobody else’. Last-minute gift ideas often suggest ordering flowers online, but more often than not, we can’t help but ponder What do mothers really want on Mother’s Day?”.

Photo courtesy of Emily Gray Photography

To understand what actually happens in the mum’s world, we spoke to Steph Douglas, founder and owner of Don’t Buy Her Flowers (DBHF), a British e-retailer that create thoughtful and heartwarming care packages for mums or those who matter in our lives.

Take a trip down memory lane

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Family photographs tell tatler_stories: whether it is a nostalgic photo of your mum feeding you as a baby or a hilarious moment captured during a recent family vacation, photo albums always bring joy and laughter. “I made my mum a photo album for her 60th birthday, with photos from when she was born right up until her birthday. I loved watching her and dad go through it, with loads of pictures they’d forgotten about. They laughed and cried and gifts that get an emotional reaction are, to me, the best,” recalls Steph.

While it may be hard for us to find the time to put an actual scrapbook together, do it the 21st century way by highlighting the best memories of you and your mum in a truly personalised digital album on Imprint. Let her rediscover those fond memories as she go through the photos and giggle when viewing your witty quotes and inside jokes. Yes, she will probably cry, but they will be tears of joy, I promise.

Don’t buy her flowers


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We all know flowers are the go-to present (and often the last minute no-brainer option) for this special day, but while it is a lovely gesture, flowers don’t go much further than looking pretty in a vase. “When I had my first baby, I received eight bunches of flowers. I was sitting on the sofa feeling exhausted, miserable and sore; and it struck me as that the go-to gift for new mums is actually another thing for them to care for,” recalls Steph.

It was the flower overload that inspired Steph to set up a business with a very literal name: Don’t Buy Her Flowers. It isn’t that Steph dislike flowers, but she believes that there could be better gifts that address the needs of mums. So she started treating her friends with heartwarming yet practical presents such as magazine, chocolate and home cooked food, which turned out – are much more appreciated than flowers.

So in case you’re in the middle of online shopping for flowers, you may want to take a moment and rethink your mum’s actual likings and needs.

Send her a care package


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If you have been flooding your mum’s dressing room with exquisite apparel and jewellery in the past few Mother’s Days, consider opting for care packages this time.  Because after all, sometimes what warm their hearts the most are the thoughtful and comforting indulgence.

Motherhood is a rollercoaster – it’s the most amazing, exhausting, frustrating and rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” says Steph. “It’s important to treat your mums with heartening gifts that says ‘here, have a sit down, you deserve some looking after’ - it recognises all those emotions and offers some comfort. Whether it encourages them to take ten minutes to themselves, have a hot cup of tea, or eat some good food without having to prepare it themselves,” remarks Steph.

Wittily named ‘Gin & Tonic’, this package by DBHF was widely popular during Mother’s Day in 2015. Think homemade truffles, scented hand cream and a choice of scarf, you can also add a handwritten message to further evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling. Other highlights include thermo mugs in ‘Some Like it Hot’, champagne and lavender massage oil in ‘The Date Night In’ well as the chocolate brownie truffles and eye cream featured in ‘Care & Essential Packages’.

Add a personal touch

Photo courtesy of Burberry

There’s something unique about owing a piece of apparel that’s created with your own liking. This Mother’s Day, treat your mum to a personalised attire that offers exclusivity on top of craftsmanship.

“Mums aren’t good at taking time to treating themselves. Something takes over when you have kids and you spend less time and money on yourself, so make sure you spoil her with something that offers some TLC (tender loving care) and that she wouldn’t buy for herself,” says Steph. Ranging from a Burberry trench coat with personal stamps, a personalised notecards by Printer & Co. with her favourite motifs to a customised Jo Malone fragrance or candle with beautifully engraved initials or message, let these bespoke luxury items take her breath away.



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