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Beauty Transform Your Complexion With Lancôme's New Absolue Collection

Transform Your Complexion With Lancôme's New Absolue Collection

Transform Your Complexion With Lancôme's New Absolue Collection
By Hong Kong Tatler
October 15, 2018
Lancôme gives its Absolue line a luxurious makeover, proving once again that the brand is the epitome of premium French skincare

The rose has always been a symbol of beauty, and of uniqueness and individuality. Harnessing the power of the rose and all that it represents, premium French skincare brand Lancôme, a leader on anti-ageing solutions has reinvented its most luxurious range, Absolue. 

At the heart of the skincare line is a blend of active ingredients derived from Grand Rose Extracts that deliver a harmonious range of benefits, including cell regeneration and soothing anti-inflammatory action.

Photo: Courtesy of Lancôme
Photo: Courtesy of Lancôme

The result of thousands of hybridisations, this unique and resilient flower was transformed through biotechnological processes into an active ingredient proven to have extraordinary regenerative powers. Best of all? This ingredient is strictly exclusive to Lancôme.

The new Absolue collection is conveniently formulated in a three-step skincare routine to produce a plump, radiant and youthful complexion; start with the Absolue Rose Essence, a blend of 80% rose extract for clear, bright skin, followed by Absolue Oleo Serum for deep regeneration and finally, complete this beauty trifecta with the iconic Absolue Soft Cream to revitalise your skin's radiant youth. 

Absolue Cream—a divine anti-ageing experience

True to its name, the Absolue Soft Cream boasts an incredibly silky texture that feels instantly luxurious and comforting on the skin. As it is pressed with the fingertips, the cream gently penetrates into the skin to create a thin, fresh veil as it works to plump the skin for a rejuvenated and revitalised complexion.  

Photo: Courtesy of Lancôme
Photo: Courtesy of Lancôme

When it comes to the new Absolue range by Lancôme, the numbers speak for themselves.

After following up with over 50 women who used Lancôme's Absolue Soft Cream, it was found that users saw results in just a matter of days, starting with a visible healthy glow in one week. After 28 days, they found that the texture of their skin had drastically improved, dramatically transforming their complexion in just four weeks. 

Indulge yourself with Lancome Absolue and treat your skin to a luxurious rejuvenating experience. It will leave you feeling beautiful, fresh and radiant like a rose.

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