Video: How To Choose A Suit


July 10, 2017 | BY Erica Fong

Ben Allen of Attire House styles one of our own


Video: Tyrone Wu & Kevin Cureau/Hong Kong Tatler

Suit shopping doesn't need to be a stuffy experience, especially not at Attire House in Central, the swanky one-stop shop for modern day gentlemen with a menswear shop, grooming salon and bar—all in one stylish location.

After sending one of our own to experience a total transformation and style makeover, Ben Allen of Attire House explains exactly why he chose the items he did to create the final look.

Watch the video above and if you'd like to replicate the look, here's your shopping list:

Suit: Cesare Attolini ready-to-wear (HK$42,000) 

Shirt: Finamore 1925 (HK$2,300)

Tie: E. Marinella 9 fold, vintage silk 1937 (HK$3,000)

Linen silk pocket square: Simonnot Godard (HK$600)

Shoes: George Cleverley London (HK$6,400)

Briefcase: Rutherfords from London (HK$3,600)

Attire House, 29F & 30F, 8 Wyndham Street, Asia Pacific Centre, Central,  +852 2619 9007, 

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