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Watches Jewellery 4 Things To Know About The Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two by Bovet 1822

4 Things To Know About The Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two by Bovet 1822

4 Things To Know About The Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two by Bovet 1822
The Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two by Bovet 1822 (Photo: Courtesy of Bovet 1822)
By Annie Darling
By Annie Darling
February 16, 2021
This limited-edition Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two by Bovet 1822 can be yours for HK$1.4 million

The second Virtuoso VIII tourbillon to be unveiled by Bovet 1822, the Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two blends the Swiss watchmaker’s iconic Fleurier and Dimier cases—the latter comes with sloping crystal, which gives watchmakers additional room in which to fit innovative displays that enhance the watch’s legibility.

A two-sided flying tourbillon takes centre stage while an oversized pair of display discs form a horizontal number eight, which symbolises luck, perfection and infinity. Fun fact: did you know that Pascal Raffy, the watchmaker’s CEO, has limited Bovet’s annual production to just 800 timepieces per year to ensure their exclusivity?

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1/4 39 timepieces

Offered as a limited edition of 39 timepieces, the Chapter Two has a dial that has been redesigned to give this latest Virtuoso VIII a completely new appearance.

2/4 Titanium flying tourbillon bridge

The flying tourbillon bridge is made of titanium to reduce the weight of the cage and prevent any magnetic charge, which can reduce the watch’s accuracy.

3/4 10 hours of power reserve

The watch’s movement draws its energy from a single barrel that ensures more than ten hours of power reserve, all while maintaining the balance wheel’s oscillations at 18,000 vph, which stabilises the mechanism’s motion.

4/4 US$178,000

This watch can be yours for a cool US$178,000, which is about HK$1.4 million. That will also get you about 162 iPhone 12 Pros, four Mercedes A-Class Hatchbacks or 200 nights at the Plaza Hotel in New York. 

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