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Weddings Wedding Beauty: Get Prep Underway a Month Before The Big Day

Wedding Beauty: Get Prep Underway a Month Before The Big Day

Wedding Beauty: Get Prep Underway a Month Before The Big Day
By AFP RelaxNews
April 14, 2016

Here's a look at what brides-to-be should get on their beauty schedules to make sure they look their best on the big day


Booking the venue and the caterer aren't the only things to take care of when planning a wedding. To avoid last-minute hiccups, time should also be set aside for hair, makeup, beauty treatments, hair removal and a good dose of pampering.


A month to go: start the tests and trials!

There's no need to panic if the beauty side of things is still up in the air. After all, there aren't many beauty treatments that need to be done a month before a wedding. A certain degree of organization is, however, necessary to avoid any last-minute problems and intensify the adrenaline rush on the big day.

Brides-to-be should do several hair and makeup trials around a month before the event, finding a look that suits their style and brings out the best in their features. Make sure the dress has been picked first, though, as makeup and hair should always go with the gown. Once that's sorted, the next step is to choose who will be in charge of doing hair and/or makeup (some professionals offer both services). Then, do plenty of tests to find the best combination.

Brides who plan on topping up their tan with a sunbed session or a holiday just before the wedding should do a new set of tests to make sure makeup suits their new skin tone.


A week to go: relax and pamper

Brides-to-be should try to take some time out from the mammoth task of preparing a wedding for some precious pampering. Why not make a day of it by inviting a bestie or a group of friends to chill out with while prepping the body for its day in the spotlight?

A spa day could start with a trip to a steam room to relax and unwind, while also cleaning and purifying the skin. Then, try an exfoliating treatment to slough off dead skin and ease tension in the body. Round things off with a full body massage to relieve all the stress built up over the last few months of wedding preparations.

Brides who want tanned skin for the big day can opt for a few UV tanning sessions, but note that this is not a necessity and should be practiced with caution and moderation. Alternatives like spray tans or bronzers are also available.


The final preparations

With a week to go before the big day, brides-to-be could find it useful to list all the beauty preparations left to do before the event. First of all, think about prepping the face. This can make makeup look its best, and help it stay put for 24 hours on the big day, with no shine or imperfections. Skin should be flawless, so go for the full works, with a scrub, a steam treatment, blackhead removal, a serum to match the skin type and a hydrating mask.

Hair removal is another key stage in wedding prep. Waxing should be done two to eight days before the ceremony to reduce the risk of red marks on sensitive skin. Eyebrows frame the face and should be impeccably shaped. Legs, armpits and bikini line should all be done. Even in a very long dress, an accidental flash of flesh should reveal smooth skin.

Hands and feet shouldn't be neglected either. Nails should be perfect (the French manicure is a stylish classic), as hands will be the center of attention when it comes to exchanging rings.



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