What to Expect When Getting Your Lashes Done Professionally


March 16, 2016 | BY Joanna Lam

For one, you’ll solve your morning beauty dilemmas by eschewing the daily hassle of applying mascara

Videography by Tyrone Wu (Hong Kong Tatler)

It’s 8:30am in the morning and you’re late for work. We’ve all been there – the frantic rush to apply a bit of eyeliner and a final touch of mascara to give our lashes a little boost, and more than once we’ve wondered if there could be a way to make our lives a little bit easier.

For many career women in Hong Kong who juggle a hectic work schedule and an overflowing social calendar, even simple eye makeup routines can already add up to become a tedious process. But what if your lashes were already long, full and perfectly curled, eliminating the need for mascara, or even eyeliner?

A Few years ago, the idea of applying eyelash extensions might have been limited to gluing irritating false eyelashes onto your eyelids. But there’s been an increasing demand for improvements to this beauty investment with more and more cutting-edge techniques and professionally-trained consultants emerging in recent years. 

For entrepreneur Chelsea Chau and renowned makeup artist Kalam Chu, their eyelash extension experience at Xtreme Eyelashes have now reduced their beauty routine to the bare minimum. “It definitely saves a lot of time. A lot less makeup is needed in my daily regimen,” remarks Chelsea.

Like many customers who are new to the world of eyelash extensions, Kalam had many questions prior to the treatment, but the professionally-trained stylists were well-prepared to consult on everything lash related and made sure customers were at ease during the 1.5- to 2 hour-experience. “Before the treatment I wasn’t sure if my own lashes would be falling out after the procedure. But after talking to my consultant, she assured me that my lashes would be fine, and I could feel how careful they were when handling my lashes.”

Priding themselves on their certified beauticians and their ongoing pioneering developments, Xtreme Lashes, the award-winning beauty salon from the US, has recently brought its innovative techniques and professional services to Hong Kong.

In case you are worried about the potential allergies and irritations brought on by eyelash extensions, the odourless and quick-dry adhesive pioneered by the brand will eliminate all your concerns. The salon has also launched a range of products created especially for the eyelash extensions, making the aftercare maintenance hassle-free.

Xtreme Lashes, 3/F, V Plus, 68-70 Wellington Street, Central; 37088961; xtremelashes.com.hk