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Beauty This Whitening Mask Will Revolutionise Your Skincare Routine

This Whitening Mask Will Revolutionise Your Skincare Routine

This Whitening Mask Will Revolutionise Your Skincare Routine
By Rachel Read
June 05, 2017
Get brighter, more luminous skin in two easy steps

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Photo: Courtesy of POLA

Whilst we all love soaking up some sunshine on a summer’s day, what we don’t love is the damage that the sun can cause to our skin. Thankfully, POLA has the perfect complexion remedy.

Their latest White Shot QX mask—the newest addition to their cutting-edge White Shot brightening range—is the ultimate whitening skincare fix for uneven skin tones, dull complexions and hyper-pigmentation.

Founded in 1929, POLA has developed a series of unique ingredients that brighten and bring clarity to complexions—and it’s these potent extracts that power White Shot QX.

Consisting of an easy-to-use sheet mask and a serum-based film set, this revolutionary dual-phase product helps to regulate the distribution of melanin, the substance that causes changes in skin tone and colour, whilst simultaneously moisturising and revitalising your complexion.


Photo: Courtesy of POLA

Pioneering ingredients

The POLA Research Laboratory was the first place to discover the mechanism known as the “Slide-Clearing Function”—the process where skin cells work to distribute melanin evenly and break it down into smaller particles. Complexions whose epidermal cells performed this function more effectively were proven to have an evener skin tone and fewer pigmentation problems.

White Shot QX feature QX Clearing Extract, a brand new POLA ingredient that delivers refreshed, rejuvenated and more luminous skin; it’s complemented by other signature POLA discoveries like SC Liquid, m-Shooter and Clearnol, which are renowned for their moisturising, clarifying and melanin-dissolving properties.

Meanwhile, the sheet mask features the skin-brightening active ingredient Tranexamic Acid, which reduces melanin production, helping to prevent blemishes and freckles. Combined with other POLA botanical ingredients YAC and EG Clearing Extract, the result is supremely refreshed, revived and hydrated skin.


Photo: Courtesy of POLA

Two steps to brightness

White Shot QX is the perfect product to use at night, in order to reap the maximum benefits from this supercharged skincare saviour. The serum film is designed to target the areas of your complexion most in need of a brightening boost—for instance, the upper cheekbones, which normally receive the most sun damage.

Simply apply the four pieces of the film to your preferred areas. Next, smooth the sheet mask over your whole face, leaving it on for five to ten minutes and making sure to rub any excess serum into your skin once the mask has been removed. Brighter, more luminous skin really is only two steps away.

White Shot QX is available at POLA counters in Harvey Nichols Landmark and Pacific Place, The ONE Beauty Bazaar, and SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui.

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