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BeautyYves Saint Laurent Launches a Road Trip-Inspired Summer Makeup Collection

Yves Saint Laurent Launches a Road Trip-Inspired Summer Makeup Collection

Yves Saint Laurent Launches a Road Trip-Inspired Summer Makeup Collection
By AFP RelaxNews
May 20, 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is launching a new summer makeup collection inspired by a road trip in the desert. Glowing skin, natural-toned or metallic eyes and a sensual mouth combine to make this season's Savage Escape look


Having given its spring collection a boho-chic vibe with its Boho Stones, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is moving on to the theme of adventure with its Savage Escape makeup line. Unlimited freedom, a longing for faraway places and sunbaked roads served as inspiration for YSL Beauté creative director Lloyd Simmonds.

A natural, tanned and glowing complexion

A light touch is all that's required for complexions this season: you can let your skin breathe, just adding a natural glow where necessary.


With this in mind, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has created Sahariennes Bronzing Stones, a creamy powder which aims to naturally enhance your complexion. What's new is its ultra-fine texture, created using a new micronization technique (patent pending) which is feather-light on the skin. As a result, there is no trace of product on the face, and skin appears naturally tanned and radiant.

This cream-powder is available in three shades to suit different skin tones: Sunstone, Fire Opal and Jasper.

Eyes: natural or metallic

Do you prefer light makeup in the spirit of a road trip or a more glamorous look? Yves Saint Laurent leaves it up to you with some new products for eyes.


The Limited Edition Savage Escape Couture Palette for eyes contains natural shades, reminding us of the horizon, the earth and sunsets. The case, embossed with a YSL logo which is reminiscent of American Indian symbols, contains a shimmery pink, a golden beige, a sandy brown, a pale blue and a cobalt blue.

For a more intense and glamorous look, Full Metal Shadow for eyes is being launched in two new shades for the summer: Bonnie Copper, a shimmery gold, and Blue Clyde, a navy blue.

The mouth is all about sensuality this season with two new high-shine shades of Gloss Volupté lip gloss: Aurora Pink and Rose El Dorado, a pale and a vibrant pink, while nails are treated to two new shades of La Laque Couture nail polish: Savage Pink, a pale pink, and Night Escape, a metallic blue.

To finish off this look, YSL Beauté has created some temporary tattoos called Couture Skin Jewels, to be worn like jewelry for a hint of glamor or just for fun. They include the YSL logo, a cuff, and other decorations for the wrists, hands and feet


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