Claudine Ying

Claudine Ying

The daughter of Michael Ying and Flora Zeta Cheong-Leen, Claudine is the founder of the Bebegarten Group, the parent company of a number of businesses that benefit parents and children across Asia. She is also known for her impeccable style.

She was named our Most Promising Young Lady of 2012—and she certainly hasn’t disappointed. Claudine was recently selected as one of five Women of Wonder for our recent project with Louis Vuitton. Inspired at a young age during a family trip to Inner Mongolia, she came to a realisation: “Improving the lives of others was the best possible vocation I could have.” Claudine’s passion for children’s education drives her Bebegarten Education Centre in Aberdeen, and she aims to open a second centre soon in Hainan. She is also involved in the Yanai Foundation, which provides schoolbooks to underprivileged children on the mainland. “I’m so happy and fulfilled in my work. It’s a heavy burden on my shoulders and sometimes I wonder if I should have done something different with my life, but ultimately, whenever you’re working with kids, the reward is worth any pain you suffer along the way.” 

Claudine is also one of our guest columnists, sharing her knowledge on life as an entrepreneur.



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