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Digest 5 of Hong Kong's Best Meal Delivery Plans

5 of Hong Kong's Best Meal Delivery Plans

5 of Hong Kong's Best Meal Delivery Plans
By Chloe Street
November 07, 2016
Looking to lose weight or just can't be bothered to cook? We trial some of the best meal delivery plans in town

Hong Kong is not a city known for its home cooking. The vast majority of us are either too busy, suffering from an uncomfortably small kitchen or simply disinterested in the effort required. Luckily, a whole roster of fabulous food delivery companies and meal plan services are popping up to help us keep healthy and well nourished with minimal effort—but which to choose? We tested five of the best, and here are our findings:



What? Eatology's meal programmes are designed by chefs and tested by dieticians. The flavourful menus feature up to three meals and two snacks each day and can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans, or be entirely tailor-made to suit your requirements.

The plan: There's the Lighter Delights menu, which is all lean proteins, healthy fats and fibrous vegetables, and can come as either a 1500 or 1800 calorie a day diet.  The Balanced Living programme features calorie-controlled gourmet meals designed to promote wellbeing and focus on nourishment rather than weight loss, with menus of 1800 and 2200 calories are available. Optimal Performance is tailored to support die-hard work-out fans looking to maximise muscle. The protein rich programme supports an intense fitness regime and sculpted physique with 2,220 and 2,600 calories a day options.

Our verdict: We try the Lighter Delights menu and find the food delicately flavoured and delicious. Goodies arrive each morning in a lovely purple cloth bag with a pretty menu tag—Eatology really stands out when it comes to presentation and overall experience—and all the packaging is biodegradable. The daily deliveries arrived on time at 9.30am (the time slot we had chosen) without fail each day. If you like sweet breakfasts such as bircher muesli and buckwheat pancakes (three out of five of the week's breakfasts were sweet, which we loved) and regular snacking, this is the company for you. 

Price: Plans start at HK$1,990 for 1 week (5 days) of 3 meals per day and 2 snacks. Eatology therefore comes in at the pricier end of the range.

Our verdict: The attention to detail, packaging, snacks and convenient delivery time serve to make the whole experience feel more like a treat than a chore.

 Nutrition Kitchen 


What? Founded by a team of certified personal trainers, the nutrition kitchen meals are tailored for fitness goals with high-protein, low-carb and reduced calorie options. The daily brown paper bag delivery comes first thing, at a time of your choosing, and contains three plastic boxes of your meals for the day. The presentation is simple and efficient, and there's a clear breakdown of ingredients, calories and macronutrient contents of each meal.

The plan: The founders of Nutrition Kitchen cleverly partnered with Swire Hotels, who make all the food, so you are, essentially having a take-out from Upper House... sort of. The meals are hearty and satisfying—think omelettes or scrambled eggs for breakfast, and chicken curries, fish cakes and salmon fillets for the rest of the day. 

Price: A starting price of HKD$1,185 per week (5 days) for 3 meals per day.

Our verdict: Plans come in 5, 10 or 20 day packages, with small or large size, low or normal carb and two or three meals a day variables. This allows for easy tailoring according to one's requirements, and it's one of the most affordable meal plans out there. What's more, we never ended a day hungry.



What? Started by a group of personal trainers based in Central, this weekly-changing menu of healthy snacks and meals is concocted by a Cordon Bleu Chef and offered in standard or low carb options.

The plan: Somewhat confusingly, Optmeal can only deliver at 11:30am (because they make all meals fresh in the morning instead of overnight) and while one can freeze meals, they don't encourage it for reasons of freshness. So, unless you're into (an admittedly delicious) fish curry for a late breakfast, or three meals later in the day (or, sharing with colleagues?) then probably opt for the 2 meals a day plan.

Price: From HK$1,320 per week for 3 meals a day.

Our verdict: This was probably the tastiest cooking we experienced, complex flavours and spices and interesting meals—not just the old bodybuilders chicken or salmon plus veg.



What? One of the newer food delivery companies on the block, Gymbox is also designed by personal trainers and the emphasis here is very much on protein-loading, simple fare. 

The plan: There are four meals available—chicken, sole, tofu and beef—that are all served with tricoloured veggies and quinoa and can be kept in the fridge for five days and be frozen for up to two weeks. This is, therefore, less of a comprehensive daily eating plan that an individual meal delivery service. Deliveries are from 11am to 10pm and if you order 3 or more meals then delivery is free. They also have 3 store locations for walk in customers in Sheung Wan, Wanchai and Quarry Bay.

Price: Boxes start at $62 and all are under 500 calories.

Our verdict: Ideal for those looking for a hassle-free post-workout protein kick.



What? From the team behind ingredients-delivery service Secret Ingredient comes a meal delivery service with 4 tailored meal plans, varying from a slimming 1,000 calories a day, a lean 1,500 calorie a day, a protein boosted 1,800 calories a day, or a 2,200 muscle builder. Presentation is simple and efficient. A brown paper bag containing 3 carboard boxes arrives each day, each with clear macronutrient breakdown. 

The plan: We opted for the Signature Lean 3 meal-a-day plan and found the food was tasty and very filling.There's a new menu each week and delivery comes  daily Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 9:30am along Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Customers can also now log in through Facebook Messenger and select two unique menu items that change daily.

Price: Meal plans include either two or three chef-designed nutritionally balanced meals, including a snack and are priced at $300 a day.

Our verdict: The food was good and the delivery always on time. With a weekly total spend of around $1500 (depending on whether you choose 2 or 3 meals a day), the price is slightly higher than Nutrition Kitchen and the standard of cooking is a little higher too. Besides this the services are very similar.



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