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Digest Hotpot Gets Healthy With Megan’s Kitchen’s New Plant-Based Offerings

Hotpot Gets Healthy With Megan’s Kitchen’s New Plant-Based Offerings

Hotpot Gets Healthy With Megan’s Kitchen’s New Plant-Based Offerings
By Hong Kong Tatler
October 10, 2019
Megan's Kitchen Focus
With the first hints of autumn in the air in Hong Kong, it’s no surprise that our hotpot cravings are also on the rise—and Megan’s Kitchen’s delicious new health-focused offerings are certain to whet your appetite for hotpot season

A perennial go-to for high-quality hotpot in the city, Megan’s Kitchen continues to raise the bar with innovative, lovingly home-made dishes that deliver on both flavour and nutrition—as showcased by its latest vegetarian range, which highlight revolutionary plant-based meats Beyond Meat and Omnipork. Whether you’re a vegetarian, are partaking in #MeatlessMonday or simply love a good dumpling or meatball in your hotpot, this quartet of creative crowd-pleasers are certain to go down a treat.

Megan’s Kitchen have created two wholesome options starring Beyond Meat, which features zero soy, gluten or cholesterol. Their mouth-watering Beyond Meat dumplings are made with a richly comforting filling of Beyond Meat, carrots and olives, whilst their Beyond Meatballs use a combination of fresh mushrooms and aromatic black truffle paste to create mini umami bombs of flavour.

Omnipork vegetarian pork balls with watercress and fresh Chinese yam (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)
Pork dumplings with spring beans and preserved olives (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)
Beyond Meat vegetarian beef balls with black truffles and mushrooms (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)
Beyond Meat vegetarian beef dumplings with carrots and olives (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)
Beef dumplings with kale and garlic (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)
Soybean sprout and leek pork balls (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)
Omnipork vegetarian pork dumplings with straw mushrooms and pickled mustard stem (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)

There are also two new dishes featuring Omnipork, which boasts higher fibre, calcium and iron and lower calories and saturated fat levels than real pork. Megan’s Kitchen has combined this cutting-edge ingredient with traditional, nutrient-packed vegetables frequently used in Chinese home cooking—straw mushrooms and pickled mustard stems for their Omnipork dumplings, and watercress and fresh Chinese yam for their Omnipork balls.

Meat eaters will also be spoilt for choice with other appetising menu additions, which all focus on fresh superfood ingredients loaded with health-boosting benefits.

If you thought kale was only found in holier-than-thou Western dishes, think again; Megan’s Kitchen has created a beef, kale and garlic dumpling to ensure you can take advantage of the wonder-green’s antioxidant, protein and vitamin-rich qualities in your hotpot too. Meanwhile, for a hefty dose of fibre alongside folic acid and vitamins A, C and K, look to their comforting pork, spring bean and preserved olive dumplings.

Soybean sprouts are packed with vital bioactive compounds that have been proven to help maintain eye and bone health—and their distinctive taste and crunchy texture make them a winner in cooking terms too, as seen in Megan’s Kitchen’s new hand-beaten pork, leek and soybean sprout meatballs.

Beetroot borscht hotpot base (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)
Beetroot borscht hotpot base (Photo: Megan's Kitchen)

Of course, the foundation to any great hotpot is a great soup base—and Megan’s Kitchen has added a new one of those to their roster too. Ideal for cooler temperatures, their heart-warming beetroot borscht showcases a dazzling medley of superfood vegetables, including beetroots, carrots, celery, onions, green cabbage and garlic. These are simmered with pork ribs and bay leaves for hours to create a fragrant, vibrantly hued soup that is rich in both flavour and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

These exciting new additions make the perfect excuse for an autumnal hotpot feast at Megan’s Kitchen—and, if you haven’t visited recently, it’s an excellent opportunity to check out their recent interior renovations too.

One of the most luxurious hotpot venues in Hong Kong, their upper floor is now home to a series of spacious VIP suites that are ideal for fun, intimate group dinners; they can accommodate either one table of up to 16 guests, or two tables of 15 guests each. Meanwhile, the lower floor’s open dining area has been revamped to include several VIP rooms and private booths with sliding screens, for the ultimate in cosy comfort and privacy. Valet parking is also available for guests.

For a meal that’s both nutritious and delicious, with plenty of creative plant-based and superfood-stuffed dishes, Megan’s Kitchen is the place to satisfy those hotpot cravings this season.

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