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Homes The Best International Schools In Hong Kong

The Best International Schools In Hong Kong

The Best International Schools In Hong Kong
By Hong Kong Tatler
May 17, 2018

With so many international schools in Hong Kong, it can be a difficult process to narrow down your choices. Factors to consider include the quality of the education style the school provides, the campus and its facilities. 

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To make the process easier, we've put together a complete list of the best international schools in Hong Kong, including the top international primary and secondary schools:

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1/22 American International School 

American International School
American International School

Type: Kindergarten, primary and secondary

Curriculum: American, AP courses in high school

Languages: Mandatory Putonghua for Pre-K through Grade 8; Putonghua, French and Spanish for Grades 9-12

When to apply: Earliest in July, for the following academic year

Campus and facilities: The distinctive red-brick campus on Waterloo Road is home to 885 students from Early Childhood through Elementary, Middle and High School. In recent years, American International School (AIS) has undertaken significant redevelopment projects including Makerspace for student exhibitions, as well as programmes in Engineering and Design, and Visual and Performing Arts. Facilities include indoor and outdoor sports grounds, basketball courts, science labs and a swimming pool.

Competitive advantage: AIS has built a strong reputation for the rigour of its academic programmes and its ability to successfully prepare its graduates to enter the nest universities in the US and worldwide. Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, AIS is also an accredited centre for College Board’s SAT Exams. In addition, the school offers a robust US AP programme to help prepare students for the demands of university education, and continues to be a leading school in the AP Capstone diploma programme.

Fees: Early Childhood 1: HK$78,960 • Early Childhood 2-Grade 1 Junior: HK$117,600 • Grade 1-4: HK$123,000 • Grade 5-8: HK$132,400 • Grade 9-12: HK$145,320

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2/22 Australian International School

Australian International School
Australian International School

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: Primary school: based on the Australian National Curriculum. Secondary school: New South Wales Higher School Certificate or IB Diploma

Languages: English, with Putonghua offered to primary school students and French or Putonghua offered in IB Diploma or New South Wales Higher School Certificate

When to apply: Reception to Year 10: Anytime; Year 11: applications only accepted before the first term of school. Applications accepted up to two years in advance prior to the expected year of entrance

Campus and facilities: The Green Roof is a multi-use, educational platform where students learn about the environment and related issues. The Aquatic Centre houses a 25m heated swimming pool and teaching pool. The Outdoor Field features a synthetic turf surface and a four-lane running track on its perimeter, and is large enough for a variety of team sports.

Competitive advantage: Operating on an Australian school year (from late January to mid-December), Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK) facilitates a seamless transition for those students entering from schools in Australia or other places in the southern hemisphere, and who are eventually departing to tertiary institutions worldwide. Student well-being is a focus as AISHK progresses in its implementation of a school-wide Positive Education programme, which complements the school’s rigorous academic focus to help students develop personality and character, celebrate excellence, build confidence, and maintain genuine and meaningful friendships.

Fees: Preparatory to Year 6: HK$140,800 • Years 7-10: HK$162,500 • Years 11-12 (HSC): HK$170,600 • Years 11-12 (IB): HK$204,800


3/22 English Schools Foundation

English Schools Foundation
English Schools Foundation

Type: Primary: Beacon Hill School • Bradbury School • Clearwater Bay School • Glenealy School • Kennedy School • Kowloon Junior School • Peak School • Sha Tin Junior School • Quarry Bay School

Secondary: Island School • King George V School • Sha Tin College • South Island School • West Island School

Curriculum: IB MYP; IBCP; IB Diploma; GCSE/IGCSE; BTEC qualifications

Languages: English, with dual-language options

When to apply: K1, Year 1 and Year 7: Central Application is open from September 1 to 30 of the year before. All year groups: Applications can be made anytime during the year, which will be added to wait lists.

Campus and facilities: All locations boast superb facilities with continual upgrades and refurbishments.

Competitive advantage: ESF is the largest provider of English-medium international education in Hong Kong. Its schools, and comprehensive programme of extracurricular activities, aim to bring out the best in every student through a personalised approach to learning that inspires curious minds. A student graduating from an ESF primary school is offered a place in the secondary school of the catchment area. Schools vary in size, diversity and culture; overall, ESF provides an excellent-quality education with outstanding IB results.

Fees: Years 1-3: HK$111,200 • Years 4-6: HK$93,900 • Years 7-11: HK$128,400 • Years 12-13: HK$135,500


4/22 Canadian International School

Canadian International School
Canadian International School

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP and IB Diploma or OSSD

Languages: English, with Putonghua taught. French and Spanish also available.

When to apply: Grade 1-2: early October. Grade 3-11: late January.

Campus and facilities: Overlooking the Aberdeen Channel, the Canadian International School (CDNIS) campus measures more than 450,000sqft across 14 levels and is equipped with excellent state-of-the-art facilities which provide an ideal learning environment. The Leo Lee Arts Centre is dedicated to music, drama, visual arts and conferences. Other facilities include the Chinese Cultural Centre, Science and Innovation Lab, gymnasiums, a fitness centre, cafeterias, swimming pool, libraries and various outdoor spaces.

Competitive advantage: CDNIS is a non-pro t school that provides a through- train IB education for students from Pre-Reception (aged three) through to Grade 12. Under Project Innovate, the culture of innovation flourishing at the school is taken to the next level, providing an exciting vision for future-ready learning. CDNIS is also authorised to grant credits towards completion of the OSSD, thus providing a “dual passport” for graduates to gain entry into top universities around the world.

Fees: Prep-Grade 3: HK$140,800 • Grade 4-Grade 6: HK$142,300 • Grade 7-Grade 8: HK$164,000 • Grade 9-Grade 10: 180,000 • Grade 11-Grade 12: 187,100


5/22 Carmel School

Carmel School
Carmel School

Type: Kindergarten, primary and secondary, Jewish day school

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP and IB Diploma

Languages: English, Hebrew, Putonghua, French and Spanish as languages of instruction

When to apply: Anytime

Campus and facilities: Carmel is a through-train school with three campuses. Preschool/nursery-aged children can enter the system at the unique Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre on Robinson Road. From there, students can progress to the Carmel Elementary School on Borrett Road before moving on to Elsa High School in Shau Kei Wan.

Competitive advantage: The only Jewish school in Hong Kong, serving both the Jewish and international communities, Carmel’s slogan is “Excellence, Community, Tradition.” Family involvement is key and begins from the moment they visit the campuses. Carmel believes the parent-school partnership underpins a child’s ability to blossom and develop to his or her full potential. Carmel functions as one large family, providing support, care, help and direction—and as a Jewish school, it develops the whole person within a strong moral and ethical framework.

Fees: Nursery and Pre-K: HK$93,800 • Kindergarten and primary school: HK$151,100 • International stream (secondary school): HK$177,000

Elementary School: 10 Borrett Road, Mid Levels. Elsa High School: 460 Shau Kei Wan Road, Shau Kei Wan,


6/22 Chinese International School

Chinese International School
Chinese International School

Type: Primary and secondary

Languages: English and Putonghua

Curriculum: Primary: Chinese International School (CIS) uses its own innovative approach in English and Chinese (Putonghua). Years 7-11: IB MYP. Years 12-13: IB Diploma.

When to apply: Year 1 to 6: From September 1 to February 28, beginning one academic year prior to entry. Year 7-13: From September 1, beginning one academic year prior to entry, continuing on a rolling basis.

Campus and facilities: The new Phoenix Soaring campus redevelopment, completed in late 2017, includes a science and technology hub, uniting the sciences, design technology and visual arts around a common atrium. There are also four gymnasiums (one that can be converted to an assembly hall that can seat 800-plus), a fitness room, a 25m indoor swimming pool, an outdoor climbing wall, a 200-seat auditorium; and a 200-seat drama studio. A new whole-school library will open by August 2018.

Competitive advantage: The school’s competitive strength is the Chinese quotient and all students entering CIS spend their Year 10 at Hangzhou CIS, a one-year academic and residential programme of the highest calibre in mainland China. The school community is very stable and attracts long-term Hong Kong families. Faculty stay an average of 10 years and many alumni have put down roots in Hong Kong.

Fees: Reception: HK$145,800 • Years 1-6: HK$193,200 • Years 7-11: HK$228,200 • Years 12-13: HK$231,300


7/22 Discovery Bay International School

Discovery Bay International School
Discovery Bay International School

Type: Kindergarten, primary and secondary

Curriculum: English National Curriculum, (I)GCSE, AS/A-Levels

Languages: English with mandatory Putonghua and additional French or Spanish through Years 7 and 8, with one second language selected as a focus through Years 9 to 11.

When to apply: Anytime

Campus and facilities: Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) is very different to other international schools in Hong Kong, as it is centred around the community of Discovery Bay on the beautiful island of Lantau. Its campus boasts the Discovery Centre and the main Secondary School buildings. Key facilities include a multi-purpose sports pitch, an auditorium and a 25m swimming pool.

Competitive advantage: A through-train school that goes from early years to secondary, and derives much strength from its tranquil location and its surrounding active community. Its distinction lies in the emphasis placed upon small class sizes and a personalised approach to student learning, both of which allow teachers enough time to truly understand every child and develop strong home-school links.

Fees: Years 1-6: HK$110,200 • Years 7-11: HK$146,400 • Years 12-13: HK$175,000


8/22 Discovery College

Discovery College
Discovery College

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: IB PYP, MYP, IBCP and IB Diploma

Languages: English as the medium for teaching and learning, with a strong emphasis on the acquisition of Putonghua as a second language.

When to apply: Years 1: September 1-30 of the previous academic year. Years 2-13: Ongoing, please see website for details.

Campus and facilities: Discovery College’s campus provides exceptional facilities in all academic and co-curricular areas, including a 350-seat performing arts theatre, fully equipped music rooms, a full gymnasium and primary sports hall, modern science labs, art and design spaces, a 25-metre swimming pool, dance studio, wellness centre and outdoor sports pitches.

Competitive advantage: Discovery College strives to create an environment that fosters a passion for learning, enabling all students to “Grow. Discover. Dream.” The school’s classroom programmes are designed to be engaging and fun, while its diverse student body underscores the importance of international-mindedness and the shared spirit of respect that are tenets of the school’s guiding statements. In addition to a comprehensive IB curriculum, which includes specialist courses in the performing arts and PE from Year 1, sports and outdoor activities play a major part in the lives of the students at Discovery College. 

Fees: Years 1-6: HK$122,600 • Years 7-11: HK$164,000 • Years 12-13: HK$165,800 

Non-refundable Building Levy: HK$6,710 per year


9/22 French International School

French International School
French International School

Type: Primary and secondary, split into French (bilingual) and International (English) sections.

Curriculum: French stream follows French curriculum; International stream follows IPC or British IGCSE and then IB Diploma.

Languages: Primary: French, English and Putonghua classes. Secondary: French, English, Putonghua, Spanish, German and Latin

When to apply: Anytime

Campus and facilities: Four campuses: Blue Pool Road, Chai Wan, Hung Hom (closing July 2018) and Jardine’s Lookout. A new campus will open in Tseung Kwan O in September 2018.

Competitive advantage: At primary level, there is a focus on the acquisition and development of language; an innovative Immersive Bilingualism programme will be introduced in September 2018. At secondary level, the school has achieved outstanding academic results in both streams and excels at local and regional inter-school competitions.

Fees: French Stream: HK$100,260-141,139 • French Stream (Bilingual): HK$110,787-157,370 • International Stream: HK$118,584-189,560

Primary school: 34 Price Road, Jardine’s Lookout; 1 Cheung Man Road, Chai Wan; 68 Gillies Avenue South, Hung Hom. Secondary school: 165 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley; 34 Price Road, Jardine’s Lookout,


10/22 German Swiss International School

German Swiss International School
German Swiss International School

Type: Primary and secondary, split into English and German sections.

Curriculum: German International Abitur for German stream; IGCSE followed by IB for the English stream.

Languages: German, English, Putonghua and French

When to apply: Rolling and year-round

Campus and facilities: Primary school facilities include spacious and bright classrooms equipped with the latest technology; a new library with more than 20,000 resources in German, English and Chinese; a spacious multi-purpose atrium; a rooftop playground; and a primary gym. The Secondary school features state-of-the-art laboratories; a senior library and senior study room; a new indoor swimming pool; and a renovated sports hall.

Competitive advantage: German Swiss International School (GSIS) offers a rigorous pedagogical programme within a vibrant, creative and caring community and is renowned for academic excellence. GSIS students obtain a well-rounded, holistic education focusing on their creative, social and emotional development. The school provides each student with the opportunity to experience success, while challenging them to achieve their full potential. GSIS is the only school in Hong Kong providing a German curriculum and is certified as an “Excellent German School Abroad.”

Fees: DVOR, K1-5; Years 1-6: HK$147,070 • K6-10; Years 7-11: HK$177,400 • K11-12+; Years 12-13: HK$187,540

Primary school: 11 Guildford Road, The Peak. Secondary school: 22 Guildford Road, The Peak,


11/22 Harrow International School 

Harrow International School
Harrow International School

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: Pre-prep school (Years 1 to 5) and prep school (Years 6 to 8): British National Curriculum. Senior school (Years 9 to 11): IGCSE. Sixth form (Years 12 to 13): A-Levels with Extended Project Qualification.

Languages: English and students also study Putonghua from Year 1, with the option of studying French or Spanish as well

When to apply: Two years before entry. The best time to apply is towards the end of summer term (14 months before entry), when the student’s end of term/year report is ready.

Campus and facilities: The 400,000sqft campus includes excellent science laboratories, specialist art, music and drama facilities, a library and learning lounge, a large sports/assembly hall, a fitness room and an indoor swimming pool. Outdoor sports facilities include a state-of-the-art AstroTurf pitch, four tennis courts and basketball/netball courts.

Competitive advantage: Harrow Hong Kong nurtures students to achieve academic excellence and acquire the skills and qualities required to become future leaders, while enjoying a wide range of extra-curricular activities. It is the first international boarding and day school in Hong Kong, with a total of 1,300 students. Located in a magnificent, crescent-shaped building in Tuen Mun, the school integrates elements of educational philosophy, practice and traditions from Harrow School in England into the diverse international community of Hong Kong to provide a highly distinctive education.

Fees: Years 1-5: HK$166,671 • Years 6-11: HK$190,380 • Years 12-13: HK$197,937


12/22 Hong Kong Academy

Hong Kong Academy
Hong Kong Academy

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP and IB Diploma for students from early childhood to grade 12

Languages: Primary: English and Putonghua. Secondary: English and Putonghua, French or Spanish to fulfil IB world language requirement

When to apply: From one year in advance of the student’s anticipated start date

Campus and facilities: Hong Kong Academy (HKA) is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. HKA’s provisional BEAM+ Platinum facility features environmentally friendly materials and classrooms filled with natural light. Other features include specialised learning spaces for subjects such as science, art, music, dance and sports. HKA also offers a wireless campus to support a teaching and learning programme that utilises individualised technology. The school’s 1:1 computer programme begins at Grade 4. Macs, laptops and iPads are available for classroom use. All students have access to technology based on the needs of their stage at school.

Competitive advantage: In addition to being an IB World School, HKA is accredited by The Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools. HKA also offers the Global Citizen Diploma, a high school certificate programme that encourages students’ engagement, reflection and presentation skills as they develop as global leaders. Graduates of Hong Kong Academy continue their educations at leading institutions around the world.

Fees: PK1-PK2: HK$149,800 • Kindergarten-Grade 5: HK $186,700 • Grades 6-8: HK $205,600 • Grades 9-10: HK $214,200 • Grades 11-12: HK$223,000


13/22 Hong Kong International School

Hong Kong International School
Hong Kong International School

Type: Pre-K, primary and secondary

Curriculum: American; AP courses offered in high school

Languages: Mandatory Putonghua for Reception 1 to Grade 5; Putonghua, French and Spanish offered from Grades 6-12

When to apply: Year-round. Reception 1 to Grade 2, priority deadline: October 31. Grades 3-12, priority deadline: February 1. Applicants may not apply more than two years in advance

Campus and facilities: Hong Kong International School (HKIS) has two campuses on the south of Hong Kong Island. In August 2018, following an extensive redevelopment project, the Lower and Upper Primary Schools will return to their permanent Repulse Bay location. These schools are purpose-built for elementary students, with extensive space to play, explore and experiment, setting the path for lifelong learning. The Middle and High Schools are located in Tai Tam, with expansive grounds including a sports field, swimming pools, robotics labs, music and art wings, state-of-the-art classrooms and science labs.

Competitive advantage: HKIS serves students from more than 40 countries who seek an American-style education grounded in the Christian faith. A warm and inclusive community, students are challenged and supported to learn, guided by HKIS’s Mission, Vision, and Student Learning Results. These SLRs emphasise spirituality, character development, Chinese language and culture, academic excellence, self-motivated learning, and contributing to society. HKIS’s extensive counselling programme supports students from Reception 1 through to graduation, ensuring that the whole child is cared for and balanced. The extensive athletics facilities support a robust co-curricular programme, unparalleled in Hong Kong. Eighty-five per cent of HKIS graduates attend university in the US, with the rest matriculating to institutions around the world including Canada, the UK, Australia and Hong Kong.

Fees: R1-Grade 5: $189,200 • Grade 6-8: $194,700 • Grade 9-11: $216,950 • Grade 12: 217,900

Lower & Upper Primary Schools (from 2018-19): 23 South Bay Close, Repulse Bay. Middle School: 700 Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Tai Tam. High School: 1 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam,


14/22 Independent Schools Foundation Academy

Independent Schools Foundation Academy (Photo: Courtesy of Ronald Lu & Partners)
Independent Schools Foundation Academy (Photo: Courtesy of Ronald Lu & Partners)

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: IB MYP and IB Diploma

Languages: Bilingual immersion programme focused on Putonghua and English

When to apply: Anytime

Campus and facilities: The Pok Fu Lam campus opened in 2007 on a 140,000sqft site. Classrooms have modular teaching spaces and a comprehensive IT system. There are two libraries, a gymnasium, basketball courts, a climbing wall, music practice rooms, art rooms, and a 500-seat dining hall. Additional facilities include a swimming pool, a performing arts centre, an auditorium, and an all-purpose ball court.

Competitive advantage: Independent School Foundation Academy educates students in a Chinese-English bilingual environment, deeply rooted in Chinese culture and with a global understanding. It anchors its values on the “eight virtues + one”: zhi 智 (wisdom); zhong 忠 (loyalty and commitment); xiao 孝 (respect and obligation); ren 仁 (compassion and kindness); ai 愛 (love and passion); li 禮 (etiquette and ceremony); yi 義 (principles and justice); he 和 (harmony and tolerance); and ping 平 (balance and equality).

Fees: Foundation Year-Grade 5: HK$177,410 • Grades 6-10: HK$206,120 • Grades 11-12: HK$224,070


15/22 Kellett School

Kellett School
Kellett School

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: English National Curriculum: IGCSE, A-Levels

Languages: English; students study Putonghua from their first year (Reception) and can opt to study French from Year 3

When to apply: Anytime

Campus and facilities: Kellett has two preparatory schools: the Pok Fu Lam campus, which has undergone multiple extensions and renovations, and the Kowloon Bay campus, which hosts a preparatory school and a senior school. The Kowloon Bay campus features an indoor swimming pool, sports hall, a sky pitch with running track, a theatre, a drama studio and art exhibition areas, as well as classrooms and common areas with natural light. The campus has been praised for its design, winning various international design awards.

Competitive advantage: Kellett is one of the oldest British independent schools in Hong Kong. Small classes, low student-to-teacher ratios, and robust pastoral care mean that it reflects the best of British education.

Fees: Reception to Year 6: HK$157,300 • Years 7-11: HK$195,400 • Years 12-13: HK$201,200

Primary: 7 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay. Primary: 2 Wah Lok Path, Wah Fu, Pok Fu Lam. Secondary: 7 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay,


16/22 Li Po Chun United World College

Li Po Chun United World College
Li Po Chun United World College

Type: Last two years of secondary, boarding school

Curriculum: IB

Languages: English, with second-language options

When to apply: Mid-September to late November

Campus and facilities: The purpose-built residential campus is in Sha Tin, with the harbour of Tai Po Hoi on one side and the steep, tree-covered slopes of Ma On Shan on the other. Facilities include indoor and outdoor sports areas with gyms and fitness rooms, tennis and basketball courts, and a swimming pool.

Competitive advantage: United World Colleges originated in the late 1950s for students from all nations, who were selected purely on merit regardless of race, religion, nationality, background or financial means. Past presidents have included Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela, while Queen Noor of Jordan is the current president. Li Po Chun United World College is a two-year boarding school for the IB. Its Education Outside the Classroom programme focuses on experiential learning—learning by doing in a context outside the traditional classroom in order to develop the whole person—and is fundamental to the school. All first-year students travel to mainland China for one week to perform community service work.

Fees: HK$266,000 per year


17/22 Malvern College Hong Kong

Malvern College Hong Kong
Malvern College Hong Kong

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP, IB Diploma and IBCP

Languages: English, with Putonghua as mandatory second language

When to apply: Rolling admission. For Year 1, two years in advance of the desired year of entry, but not earlier.

Campus and Facilities: Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK), located in close proximity to the Hong Kong Science Park, will open its doors in September 2018, providing 960 places for both primary and secondary pupils. Its 280,000sqft, state-of-the-art campus will house the primary and secondary school including academic, sporting and recreational spaces, incorporating the latest innovation and technology in teaching, learning and environmental sustainability. Facilities will include a 25m heated indoor pool, the Astroturf Skypitch, a 450-seat auditorium, an open-plan library, a Science Centre, a multi-purpose sports hall, music rooms and a dining hall.

Competitive Advantage: A low teacher-student ratio of 1:10, coupled with strong pastoral care, are key to the school’s approach. Thanks to its academic rigour, scientific heritage and the pursuit of holistic education, Malvern College UK has acquired an enviable reputation for being one of the most established IB schools in the country.

Fees: Years 1-6: HK$160,000 • Years 7-9: HK$182,000 • Years 10 to 13: Not available for academic year 2018-2019

Fo Chun Road, Providence Bay, New Territories,


18/22 Mount Kelly School Hong Kong

Mount Kelly School Hong Kong
Mount Kelly School Hong Kong

Type: Preschool, primary and secondary (known as Preparatory School)

Curriculum: Early Years Foundation Stage for the preschool years and the English National Curriculum for the Preparatory School and College years

 Languages: English with daily Putonghua lessons. French will also be introduced in Year 1 from August 2018.

When to apply: Rolling admission. Please contact the admissions department for more details on availability for particular years.

Campus and facilities: Mount Kelly School Hong Kong is conveniently located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. All classrooms are equipped with Promethean interactive boards as well as resources that cater to the specific age group of the students. The school’s facilities include an art and design room, a music and drama room, science laboratories, an open-plan library, a STEM room with facilities for computing and robotics, a multifunction gymnasium and an outdoor playground with semi basketball court, golf with swing and game analyzers, and a climbing wall.

Competitive advantage: The institution offers a true preparatory school experience, with students from Year 5 upwards receiving specialist lessons for all subjects.

It is a sister school of Mount Kelly School, the UK’s leading elite independent school, which provides a seamless education path from infancy to pre-university level. The school provides a holistic education, with students benefiting from an extensive co-curricular programme as well as Mount Kelly’s exclusive leadership initiative, the Shackleton Programme. It organises annual visits to Mount Kelly UK for its upper-prep students, and all graduates have a guaranteed place at Mount Kelly College in the UK.

Fee: From HK$155,000 to HK$185,000

19/22 Renaissance College

Renaissance College
Renaissance College

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: IB PYP, IB MYP, IB Diploma and IBCP

Languages: English, with Putonghua as a mandatory second language from Year 1 to Year 11 and additional second-language options available for Years 12 and 13

When to apply: IB PYP: September 1-30 for children born in 2014, or January 8-March, otherwise not open. IB MYP: ongoing. IBCP: until May 31

Campus and facilities: The campus is conveniently connected to the Heng On MTR station. Facilities include a 750-seat performing arts centre; the Red Door Centre ICT hub, with an 11,000sqft space that features the latest learning technology equipment and a purpose-built room for digital video production; full and half-size gymnasiums with basketball, badminton, netball and volleyball courts; AstroTurf sports pitches and fields for football and tennis; a 25m heated indoor swimming pool; and a multi-level library and information resource centre with separate primary and secondary areas.

Competitive advantage: Renaissance College is a private and independent IB school operated by the ESF in Hong Kong. It offers both primary and secondary education on one purpose-built site and is one of two Private Independent Schools within ESF. In addition to being an IB World School, it is also fully accredited by the Western Association of Colleges and Schools and the Council of International Schools.

Fees: Years 1-6: HK$111,500 • Years 7-11: HK$149,300 • Years 12-13: HK$151,000


20/22 Shrewsbury International School of Hong Kong

Shrewsbury International School of Hong Kong
Shrewsbury International School of Hong Kong

Type: Primary

Curriculum: British National Curriculum

Languages: English and daily Putonghua

When to apply: Anytime

Campus and facilities: With the opening of its new campus in Tseung Kwan O in August 2018, Shrewsbury International School of Hong Kong will boast a huge array of facilities including a library, 500-seat auditorium, recital hall, gymnastics centre, sports hall, indoor running track, indoor swimming pool (training and beginners’ pools), and a rooftop football pitch.

Competitive advantage: Founded by Royal Charter in 1552, Shrewsbury School is one of Britain’s best reputed schools and among the original nine “Great Schools” of Britain. Students are given outstanding opportunities to shine academically, as well as in the concert hall, on the stage, on the sports field or simply in person. The school encourages students to explore the ideas, principles and beliefs of others, while developing a refined understanding of their own strengths through a programme of study founded upon the rigour of the English National Curriculum. The school also works to develop a programme of transition for each student that enables them to thrive both within and beyond their primary school years.

Fees: Nursery: HK$137,000 • Reception: HK$147,000 • Year 1-Year 6: HK$169,000


21/22 Singapore International School

Singapore International School (Photo: Courtesy of MKPL Architects PTE LTD)
Singapore International School (Photo: Courtesy of MKPL Architects PTE LTD)

Type: Preparatory, primary and secondary

Curriculum: Singapore (British IGCSE, IB Diploma)

Languages: Bilingual English and Putonghua

When to apply: By March 30

Campus and facilities: Singapore International School (SISHK) has a specially- designed 13-storey building; state-of-the-art auditorium for performances and assemblies; multi-functional sports hall for different sports and games to be held concurrently; a plaza for school or house assemblies; six science laboratories; music, dance and art studios; a roof-top multi-purpose court; and school library with an extensive collection.

Competitive advantage: SISHK offers Singapore-style education and is strongly supported by the city state’s Ministry of Education. Bilingualism is emphasised from preparatory years through to primary and secondary school. Innovation is at the core of the teaching and learning experience at SISHK. The three “I”s— Imagination, Inquisitiveness and Interconnections—are embedded in everything the school does. SISHK strives to create a caring, safe and rich learning environment that enables values-driven, innovative mindsets with a global outlook. While Singaporean expats in Hong Kong may look to the school as a bridge to the education system back home, non-Singaporean parents are attracted by its academic reputation and values-driven holistic development.

Fees: Preparatory: HK$77,248 • Primary: HK$122,000 • Secondary: HK$153,000 • IB Diploma: $185,000

Primary school: 23 Nam Long Road, Aberdeen. Secondary school: 2 Police School Road, Aberdeen,


22/22 Yew Chung International School

Yew Chung Hong Kong International School
Yew Chung Hong Kong International School

Type: Primary and secondary

Curriculum: International, based on the English National Curriculum, with a Chinese language and culture programme; IB Diploma

Languages: Bilingual English and Putonghua

When to apply: Anytime

Campus and facilities: Yew Chung Hong Kong International School (YCIS) has an auditorium, a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool, computer labs, music rooms, art and design studios, libraries, an exercise room, a basketball court, a cafeteria and outdoor playgrounds.

Competitive advantage: YCIS is a through-train school that adopts a multicultural and bilingual learning mode in the context of a Christian framework. YCIS brings together the East and the West, and implements bilingual and co-cultural learning through a co-principal and co-teaching model. Two co-principals (one Western and one Chinese) work in partnership to provide academic leadership to the school’s Early Childhood, primary and secondary levels. They consult, collaborate, support and complement each other, sharing equal authority and accountability over the whole school operation to jointly create and lead a harmonious learning community, and provide a role model for effective, cross-cultural collaboration.

Fees: Years 1-6: HK$197,220 • Years 7-11, Pre-IB: HK$192,350 • Years 12-13: HK$197,350

Primary school: 22 Somerset Road, 2 & 11 Kent Road, Kowloon Tong. Secondary school: 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong,


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