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People Mario Ho And Ming Xi Welcome Baby Boy

Mario Ho And Ming Xi Welcome Baby Boy

Photo: Courtesy of Mario Ho and Ming Xi's Weibo
Photo: Courtesy of Mario Ho and Ming Xi's Weibo
By Christian Gollayan
October 25, 2019
Mario Ho and Ming Xi’s first child, Ronald, is also Stanley Ho’s first grandson

On Thursday, newlyweds Mario Ho and Ming Xi welcomed their baby boy, Ronald. Mario made the announcement on his social media channels.

“My wife and I have been promoted to parents!” the gaming entrepreneur wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post featuring a photo of them in the delivery room. “Thank you to my wife, Ming Xi. It’s only when I accompanied you during pregnancy that I understood the sacrifices mothers make. I know it wasn’t easy for you to endure all the terrible morning sickness. Thanks so much for going through these hard times to give birth to our healthy and cute baby boy.”

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Mario, who’s one of gaming mogul Stanley Ho’s 17 children, also noted that this was a very special moment for his father.

“My father is going to turn 98 next month, and he’s always like a superman to me who can do anything, but he has one wish yet to be fulfilled, and that’s to have a grandson,” Mario said. “Today, I can finally tell him his wish has finally come true.”

The happy couple was also surrounded by friends and family at the hospital, including Mario’s sister Sabrina, who just gave birth to a baby girl in August. Mario has big hopes for his first born son.

“I hope he will be talented, handsome and can earn recognition through his hard work and contributions to society," he said.

Ming also expressed her gratitude on social media. 

"Hi my little Prince, welcome to the world," the supermodel wrote on Instagram

Mario and Ming have had a fairytale romance since getting engaged in May. The couple tied the knot two months later.

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